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In 2019 as part of the celebrations of the bicentenary of John Ruskin’s birth, TLC Art Project ran a series of photography and drawing workshops at the Elizabeth Gaskell House as part of their exhibition “My Dear Mr Ruskin….” Friendship, Inspiration and Scandal, John Ruskin and the Gaskell family.

John Ruskin

We explored the Elizabeth Gaskell House and Gardens and Swinton Grove Park, drawing, documenting our findings, taking photographs, and capturing the beautiful surroundings. Ruskin believed all beauty comes from nature, highlighting his theory that nature and art can enrich people spiritually and lift us out of the mundane worries and stresses happening in our lives.

2020-06-09 (2)

To celebrate the bicentenary of Ruskin’s birth we created a pack of postcards documenting our sketches from inside the Elizabeth Gaskell House, the Gardens and Swinton Grove Park. My drawing of the Elizabeth Gaskell House is used as the front cover of the postcards, it captures the beautiful greenery of the garden, focusing on the details in the pillars and the windows.

Postcard - front cover   Postcard - full front cover

The  postcards created by the participants

Postcard - sketches (2)



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